The project aims to investigate the factors that influence the sustainability of pastoral and rangeland production systems in the participating countries, focusing on sheep and goat production.

Towards this aim, the following aspects will be examined: 1.) the different components of the production systems, 2.) the role of local authorities and the organisation at territorial level, 3.) the distribution of the products through the supply chain, the trends in the market and the role of the different stakeholders.

The plan will allow to underline positive synergies in breeds-products interactions. The aim is to enhance the interactions between local genetic resources and quality products by (i) reviewing the existing strategies and (ii) supporting the development of new ones.

The research team will examine the adaptation strategies to the socio-economic and environmental challenges and to the specificities of the territories. In the frame of the project, the traditional knowledge, expertise, skills and practices related to the use of local breeds will be collected. The data will be analysed in order to assess the sustainability of the production systems in three pillars (environment, economical and social). 


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